Aubree G.

 “Amie is truly a phenomenal midwife! I got the pleasure of having her at all three of my crazy unique births! I’ve got to watch her go from being a student midwife into being a full out licensed midwife, and man has she blossomed into a phenomenal one at that! This woman has seen a lot and has been through a lot, walking each mama hand and hand. I highly recommend Amie, I can not speak enough praise about her! She has blessed me in so many ways from antepartum to postpartum. She looks out for mama and baby and will love you and your baby every step of the way!”  

Maddy H.

“I truly cannot say enough good things about Amie! As first time parents walking through our first pregnancy, we knew we wanted to have as natural a birth experience as possible while still making all the best decisions for the health of myself and our baby. Amie not only took excellent care of us and provided great education, but she made us feel like family. She made us feel listened to, so comfortable, and always answered our endless questions with thoughtfulness and care. She was calming, reassuring, funny- and most importantly, empowering. She gave us all the tools we needed to learn and prepare ourselves for what was to come. When our son finally arrived, we had an amazing home birth! I felt like I was able to experience birth the way it was intended- peaceful in our own environment, listening to and trusting my body, and surrounded by women full of wisdom that have helped countless mothers bring their babies into the world before me. It was beautiful and surreal.
Almost more impressive was our aftercare. A few hours after birth we noticed our son having some breathing struggles- Amie rushed back over at a moment’s notice. We will be forever grateful for her quick actions and steady demeanor in those important moments while he was transferred to the NICU. Amie went above and beyond with support and encouragement in some of the scariest couple weeks of our lives. She was there for us at all hours, listened to every question and exhausted rambling, and empowered us to make the best decisions for our little family even when we were uncertain. Our doctors were very clear that nothing we or Amie could have done would have prevented our son’s experience, and while no one hopes to end up in the NICU, I am so thankful that we had Amie to walk through all of that with us! We would have been lost without her, and I still get choked up thinking about how loved and supported she made us feel through everything. Our son is healthy and thriving, and all of our post-care with Amie after being released from the NICU was amazing as well. Whenever baby #2 comes along...Amie is going to be our first phone call after the grandparents.”

Bridgett C.

“Amie supported me in so many ways through my pregnancy and delivery. She made sure she was always available and there to answer any questions I had. When my pregnancy became high risk and I had to be transferred to the hospital, she stayed by my side to help me the entire way, helping me to cope with my unfortunate situation. Through it all I was so supported and knew Amie was going to be there no matter what. I’m so thankful to have my sweet baby here safe and am also so thankful that Amie continued to support me even when she didn’t have to. She is a genuine, smart, kind, and loving person who will see you through your pregnancy in the most caring and knowledgeable way possible. I highly recommend Amie for midwifery care. Thank you Amie!”

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